Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy details how we are going to use your personal identification information. The privacy policy can be amended or updated at any time without notice to you and will cover any company owned and operated by to use your personal information. Under the umbrella of, your personal identifying information may be stored or used by any and all companies but will always be within the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

The privacy policy of completely respects and recognizes the right to privacy and is committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of visitors to its websitehttps:/ is the sole and exclusive owner of the information collected from the https:/ website. Under no circumstances can we provide, sell, loan or rent to any other third party any identifiable personal information unless we are legally bound to do so. Users collect the data at different points on our website.

Personal Details

The user must first complete the registration form before using the service. This includes providing user contact details such as first and last name, e-mail address, postal address, etc. will use your contact details to contact you about the product and/or services you have requested. This includes notifications for renewal / re-registration, special offers and surveys to improve our service.

Computer’s System Information

Subscriber's Computer–If appropriate, we may also search for information about your computer's make and model and/or any computer software, hardware or peripherals attached to it, including the date of purchase, serial number of your computer, computer status and operation when reporting a malfunction and software installation data during evaluation, program and registry. This information is usually required in order to provide you with customized and personalized technical support.

Remote Access–At times, by taking a remote control of your computer, you can ask for a solution to the problem. uses trained and trustworthy software that enable the user to access his computer remotely over the Internet, enabling the professional to examine, diagnose or correct problems. Our experts are not permitted to use the Remote Access software until they have received more than adequate training in its use and the user has given their consent to grant control. In addition, our experts will not use any Remote Access software to obtain any economic, sensitive or confidential information stored on user computers or networks, intentionally or inadvertently damage user computer or network information, or cause users to suffer from any system problems.

Diagnostic Tools–Many online diagnostic tools and applications of that collect a wide range of useful functional data about the state of a computer system and the applications stored thereon, which are analyzed to help diagnose and solve end-user problems. Such information collected by will not contain any sensitive information such as e-mail passwords, e-mail messages, e-mail addresses, visited websites, etc. use of Remote Access and Diagnostic Services applications is also subject to the terms of use in the respective software licensing agreements.

Information Security

Any and all data we receive on our website will be processed and preserved in secure facilities with limited access only to approved personnel. The website of is regularly checked for any potential security vulnerabilities to ensure that all the collected data is protected from any kind of unwanted access and/or sharing. Our customers ' personal information is secured through HTTPS and SSL protection.


A cookie is a message sent to a web browser by a web server that stores it in a folder of text. The use of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information on our website and does not compromise our users ' privacy.

Payment Detail

When you order from a subscription or contract, we will obtain credit / debit card information and any other associated payment information necessary to complete a successful client transaction. may use third-party services for the processing and verification of credit / debit cards for billing purposes. It includes exchanging the identity of the client with the credit / debit card processing company, credit / debit card number, expiry date and the billing address. will also search and obtain information about the volume of compensation and other transaction data while making a transaction. If required, this payment information may be transferred or disclosed to a third party only to the extent necessary to complete the processing of payment.

Live Help Session Records reserves the right to take appropriate quality control steps, including online and offline tracking of sessions between the consumer and the printing customer service We may also record online and offline sessions performed for user review on the website, as well as assist in addressing future grievances and disputes. It is also possible to use the session records to improve service rates, create a FAQ or knowledge base support. Session record data, however, will not be linked to individual customers ' personally identifiable data.

Log Files uses IP addresses to track the movement of users, administer the website and collect broad demographic data for aggregate use.


Our website uses all kinds of precautions to protect information about users. We will secure it, both online and offline, whenever a user submits any sensitive information through the website. Use highly effective encryption software, sensitive information such as card numbers is encrypted. When transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our website, we ensure that industry standard 128bit encryption technologies are used. Offline user information is protected by an equivalent care. All of our users ' information is limited in our offices. Access to personally identifiable information is only given to specific employees such as the billing executive or a customer service executive who need specific information to perform a specific job. Even when they leave their workstations, they are obligatorily forced to use password-protected screen savers. On returning to their offices, re-entering their password is mandatory for them to re-enter user data.

Auxiliary Information

To order to properly fulfill this website's responsibility to our clients, we need to complement the information we receive with third-party information.

Special Offers – We send welcome emails to all new customers to let them know who we are, who we are, etc. Occasionally, existing and past customers may receive product, service, special deal, and newsletter information.

Correction / Update of Personal Data – Changes to personally identifiable information of a user (such as change of address or telephone number) or, if a user no longer wishes to access the Service, we ensure that the personal data given to us by the user is changed, modified or deleted.

Update Notice– reserves the absolute and total right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time by publishing the changes online without any direct or individual notice to you. Before sending any information on the website, it is the responsibility of the user to refer to this Privacy Policy. If after such changes to the Privacy Policy, you submit your information, it is an implied acceptance of such posted changes.

Additional Information – If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us.

We are an independent and trustworthy third-party tech support service provider that is not affiliated with any of the companies and businesses until and unless that association is explicitly stated. We disclaim any relationship, permission or sponsorship with any official company, brand, product or image used on our website.

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